The Navy

Increasing the competence and technical skills of the soldiers

Case Study


The navy operates a professional training and certification system to ensure the ongoing operation of vessels and advanced systems. However, it is impossible to disable an operational vessel for the purpose of instructing the trainees. Also, some malfunctions cannot be simulated during the training. There is a need for efficient and quick execution of a certification process.


4Cast accompanies marines through their training, examining their skills and competence and developing specific training systems. Our process for course trainees avoids forays of several hours to the ships. Through individual training processes that include simulations in line with reality, based on VR technologies, we can replace theoretical learning processes used for maintenance and operation of the vessel. 


The task began with a study of the needs and processes. We then mapped the existing gaps, modeled the systems on the vessel and the content taught in the trainings and turned them into intuitive VR scenarios simulating the systems in the field.  We combined the databases from the system manufacturers and the navy’s original systems onto our platform. The data was then analyzed using skills management models which showed the level of competence of each trainee. During the qualification test, trainees were required to meet structured scenarios and simulate real tasks and situations on the vessel.


The combination of the unique skills management platform, modules for managing competencies and skills, our training technologies and VR capabilities, led to the optimization of the learning processes and a dramatic improvement in the level of professionalism of the course graduates.