Our Mission

To empower decision-makers and business executives to make better decisions

4Cast supports decision-makers at every stage with decision-based AI tools which provide better decision-making, improving efficiency and empowering them to stay a step ahead – taking the risk out of high-stake decisions.

To empower decision-makers and business executives to make better decisions
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Making the world more predictable.

4Cast develops customized decision-based AI platforms that support decision-making processes and optimize effectiveness.

The uniqueness of the platform is its ability to interface and collect information from various systems and sources together with artificial intelligence capabilities that analyze the data – providing recommendations to decision-makers in real time.

Our platform helps people make decisions in the defense, security, HLS, energy, and healthcare industries. It’s scalable, intuitive and transparent, so people can trust it to support them as they face and solve the challenges that lie ahead.

4Cast is a leading certified solutions provider. Today it is privately-owned by the international MALAM Team Group, one of the largest and leading IT services group in Israel.

The 4cast difference

Versatile and scalable microservices multi-platform

Versatile and scalable microservices multi-platform

Decision intelligence powered by Al, based on academic research

Decision-support for the present and future

Automatic predictions in a push

For emergencies and everyday situations

Our team

Nissim Titan


Nissim brings over 16 years of experience in the development and establishment of decision support systems and enterprise management methodologies. He has a proven track record of deploying successful platforms for defense, homeland security, state and local agencies, energy and utilities, and has authored numerous articles.

Nissim has been the driving force behind the development of AI-based innovative concepts and decision-making methodologies, supported by state-of-the-art technological platforms.

Nissim holds a Bachelor’s Degree and an MSc in Industrial Management and Engineering from Tel-Aviv University.

Ohad Manor


Since joining the company in 2008, Ohad has been involved in constructive simulations and the development of complex mathematical algorithms.

As CTO, he has extensive knowledge and experience of command & control and GIS systems.

Prior to 4Cast, Ohad held a number of positions in system engineering and system integration for simulators and other military systems in Elta, a subsidiary of Israel Aircraft Industries.

He holds a BSc in Nuclear Engineering, majoring in Program Engineering, from Ben Gurion University.

Eran Segal

Head of Product

Since joining the company in 2019, Eran has led the constructive simulation product in his role as simulation project manager.

As a Lt. Col. (ret’) in the IDF, Eran brings extensive operational experience in command-and-control processes and in operational planning.

Eran also brings extensive experience in the field of C2 systems, both in managing C2 system development projects and in operating C2 systems in major enterprises.

In his current position, Eran leads the planning and implementation processes of all the platforms in the company.

Eran holds a BSc. in Computer Science from Reichman University.

Eyal Shahar

Director of Business Solutions Sales

Eyal has held key positions in the company since its establishment and has extensive experience in account management, managing projects leading to customer success.

Prior to joining 4cast, Eyal served as a project manager for complex international projects in various companies.

In his current position, Eyal leads the Business Solutions Sales Division.

Boris Chausskiy

Director of Innovation

Since joining the company in 2019, Boris has brought his extensive knowledge and experience leading innovative processes.

Prior to 4Cast, Boris was Head of the System Analysis Branch, Planning Division, for the IDF Ground Forces.

He has vast experience in initiating and leading complex organizational processes based on multi-system examination processes and quantitative models.

Boris holds a Masters degree in Economics, from Hebrew University.

Dana Kofler

HR Director

Dana is an experienced HR professional with 10 years’ experience in HR strategy and execution. Her expertise includes designing and shaping HR infrastructures and processes, building talent and leadership capabilities and promoting a culture to foster organizational success.

Prior to 4Cast, Dana served in HR and Talent Management roles, leading HR programs and solutions on a global scale.

Dana holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Human Services, and a Master’s degree in Organizational Development, both from Haifa University.

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