Rethinking Readiness: Take the guesswork out of emergency preparedness

Emergency Management Technology with 4Cast platform
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Identify and analyze preparedness
Enhance planning and preparedness
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Make smart investment decisions
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Case Studies

Emergency Management Technology with 4Cast platform - 4CAST AI

Operational readiness intelligence

It is crucial that emergency managers, executives and the public understand their preparedness status for all-hazards.

4Cast delivers predictive insights and knowledge that helps prioritize threats in real-time using local data, big data analytics and scenario-driven AI based on historically trained models and records.

As proven in the front lines of Israel’s civilian and military emergency operations, 4Cast helps agencies rapidly detect escalation or de-escalation of needs, optimize resource allocations, and identify the best courses of action.

Four Essentials of Decision Making

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the problem

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information and formulate alternatives

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and execute the best alternative

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the results

Tailored Insights

4Cast provides AI based recommendations in a simplified report based on advanced simulation and in-depth analysis of the results, highlighting possible gaps between the current situation and optimal readiness.