Our decision-making platform

Decision intelligence powered by artificial intelligence

4Cast puts you in control of your decision-making with a cloud-based decision-making platform powered by AI.

Our platform unites your expertise with our practical machine learning intelligence, to help you make better decisions with ease and confidence.


DECISION MAKING AI - AI decision-making platform-Artificial intelligence platform
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and define the challenges


the situation and search for solutions


the outcome of each possible solution


the best action

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Collecting data with an IoT based approach and arranging it based on methodology to support decision making

Revolutionizing high-stakes decision-making

4Cast provides a conceptual and methodology-based technology platform to support the organization’s decision-making processes from human capital management to artificial intelligence-based organizational decisions.

The platform is adapted to the organization’s mission and objectives and produces a feedback process on the organization’s structure, work processes, and capabilities that support meeting the organization’s goals.

With the help of 4Cast’s multi-platform architecture, the system easily interfaces with all databases and enterprise systems and thus can support all decision-making processes while creating value with all modules: organizational measurement, audits, human capital management, learning management, risk management, continuity and simulation-based design.


AI decision-making platform-Artificial intelligence platform-4CAST dashboard
  • Supports decision-making in routine and emergency situations
  • Provides a snapshot of the organization’s competency levels
  • Delivers implications and recommendations concerning possible decisions
  • Gathers and monitors data in one tool
  • Diagnoses and analyzes gaps and cross-organization trends
  • Provides real-time alerts on gaps
  • Manages organizational knowledge
  • Formulates methodology for determining organizational competence and readiness
  • Interfaces with any database and technology infrastructure
  • Creates a common language and uniform standards

How it works

Decision-making based on AI

Decision-making based on AI

AI Engine provides recommendations and
highlights gaps

The information provides insights for improved organizational efficiency

Management of data collected through a unique methodology, turning it into measurable information in line with organizational goals

Collection of data from existing systems or sensors (Big Data)

We start by collecting information from existing systems or sensors in the organization (Big Data). We then organize and manage the data through a unique methodology which turns the data into information that can be measured against the organization’s goals. This information provides insights that lead to improved organizational efficiency. The AI engine highlights the gaps and provides recommendations for action. Decisions are then made: Decision-making intelligence based on artificial intelligence.