People Management

Turn your human resources data into an effective management tool

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Get a clear and up-to-date picture of employee skills

Manage employee skills and core competencies, evaluation and learning processes

Find and retain influential talent in the organization

Successfully manage diversity processes in the organization

Anticipate critical future shortages in various positions

Emergency Management Technology with 4Cast platform - 4CAST AI

Skills Management Intelligence

Organizations looking to grow must retain employees and nurture talent. While decision-makers in many organizations understand the positive impact of smart management on skills, qualifications, employee evaluation, learning and training processes, many find it difficult to turn these important insights into accessible and efficient work processes.

The 4cast platform is a strategic organizational tool for managing skills and core competencies, employee evaluation and training, career and talent management. Through its platform that integrates AI capabilities, 4cast compares the core skills and competencies of the employees in the organization, with the optimal core skills and competencies for each position according to the organization’s mission and business goals.

The gaps that are revealed serve as a basis for objective and cross-organizational insights, customized for the organization, enabling it to realize the potential inherent in its human resources. 

Tailored Insights

4Cast provides AI based recommendations in a simplified report based on advanced simulation and in-depth analysis of the results, highlighting possible gaps between the current situation and optimal readiness.