When a disaster occurs in Ireland, decision makers need a defensible methodology to identify needs and prioritize action for the most vulnerable populations, with little data and limited resources.


Decision support powered by artificial intelligence (AI) provides insights to proactively plan and prepare, anticipate needs, and use data to inform pre-disaster coordination – ensuring that the needs of the most vulnerable are met. These methods can be adapted during times of disaster to inform crisis action planning efforts in order to reduce uncertainty, while supporting the community’s short, intermediate, and long-term resilience and equity goals. 


Ireland’s emergency managers, together with 4Cast’s AI team formulated the key question in order to understand the problem they needed to solve. This is a critical component of implementing AI into any organization. The Ireland model was built from three core layers:  Information, analysis and recommendations.


4Cast mapped the needs and gaps of the Ireland Health Executive region and developed a comprehensive approach in order to provide decision intelligence insights that would enable targeted service delivery during times of extended disruption. These insights help Ireland’s emergency managers prioritize medical care and transportation support for vulnerable populations when they need it most.

“This tool would help decision makers prioritize what they need to focus on, and it will provide confidence and knowledge to support decision making before, during and after an emergency.”


Mary Rose Fitzgerald, Emergency Management Officer, Ireland