Systems Manufacturer for Defense Industries

Skills management and readiness of operational system maintenance teams, at end-customer site

Case Study


The company manufactures and markets operational systems and operates a training system for its customers’ technical teams. They needed a solution which would help them understand the skills levels of the technicians and the teams at the client’s site along with a VR-based training system that would bring new news to the category, while leveraging the commercial aspects.


The 4Cast platform combines a skills management solution with advanced VR-based training tools to measure and manage the level of readiness and skills of all training participants, for the system’s operation and maintenance. 


The project began with the characterization and definition of the parameters required of the technicians which would increase their chances of success in their role. These definitions were cross-referenced with the original database on our platform and analyzed using skills management models. We then presented the level of readiness and success of the technicians for system maintenance and operation. Soon a real picture of the situation was obtained that helped with decision-making. The knowledge gaps that were discovered were bridged by VR-based training developed by 4Cast.


The combination of an advanced skills management platform, VR-based training and data presented in an intuitively designed dashboard, provided a comprehensive solution to training the teams and measuring their competence and readiness.